Centor Integrated Doors

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ALM Design is proud to offer you the world’s first integrated doors, combining beautiful design and phenomenal thermal performance with some mechanical magic.

Bring the inside of your home into balance with the outside. Allow light in or create darkness. Reveal or conceal for privacy. Take advantage of airflow. Keep out insect intruders. And enjoy fresh air and flawless views through even your largest openings. All with the multi award-winning Centor Integrated Doors.

Unlike traditional patio doors with awkward screens and heavy drapes, Centor Integrated Doors feature a vanishing screen and shade that disappear into the doorframe. That gives you a clean aesthetic and keeps screens and shades protected from dust and dirt.

Plus, the vanishing shade lets you enjoy privacy, longer sleep, sunlight protection and home theatre enjoyment, thanks to its complete blackout. Or choose a light-filtering shade to let in sunlight and minimise glare on bright mornings and afternoons.


Centor 335 Folding Doors

Transform your home by opening it up to the outdoors with a Centor 335 Folding Door and effortlessly enjoy views, sunlight and fresh air.

The 335 Folding Door is Centor’s most affordable thermally-improved aluminium folding door. It glides with fingertip operation thanks to Centor’s 65-years of engineering excellence and will continue to operate smoothly with simple vertical and lateral adjustment. The 335 Folding Door features robust, square-cut corner construction and is powder-coated after machining to prevent edge corrosion so you door will last a lifetime.

The 335 Folding Door is customizable to your requirements – specify the size, colour and panel configuration.

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