Aluminium Windows

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Our aluminium window’s capabilities and range of options, including those providing structural performance, are particularly comprehensive and can accommodate a vast array of window designs.

The system is fully weather stripped to achieve the highest levels of weather performance. All aluminium profiles incorporate polyamide thermal barriers to meet the latest Building Regulation requirements in terms of U values and window energy ratings.

The Casement Window Range offers side or top hung windows and fixed lights as individual elements or as truly co-ordinated multi-light windows.

The Tilt before Turn windows have a unique operating action that minimises the risk of damage to the product or injury to the operator. The handle is key operated and the key must be inserted in order to access the turn mode. Once the window is closed, it automatically defaults to the tilt only mode. Hinges are concealed within the frame, which removes colour matching issues and prevents a clash with plaster lines. Flush vents and flat profiles combine to create a simple and streamlined appearance, whilst an 88mm sightline maximises viewing area without compromising the u-value of the window.


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Casement Windows

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Tilt before Turn Windows

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